Selling A Home

April 13, 2021

Why "Neutral Colors" When Selling A Home?

Preparing your home is a critical component when it comes time to sell and you want to achieve top dollar.  From improving curb appeal to doing smaller repairs and refreshing a home, you want to create a lasting, positive impression for your home buyers.  One part of preparing ...

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Feb. 6, 2021

What Are Closing Costs?

what are closing costs- surprise!!

Surprises are for birthdays... not real estate closings!!

If you have never bought or sold a house before you may find...

.... as a home buyer you have to pay mortgage closing costs on top of the down payment you already scraped together....

....or you are selling your home and you ...

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Dec. 8, 2020

Can Buyers and Sellers Talk Tor Each Other Directly?

Should A Home Buyer and Home Seller Speak Directly?


Sometimes a home buyer or home seller wonders if they can talk to each other directly. 

So, can buyers and sellers talk to each other directly?

Is a buyer talking directly to a seller of a house ok?

Should a Seller Talk To A Buyer Directly?

Before we ...

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Oct. 28, 2020

Whats My Home Worth? Finding Your Home's Value

What's My Home Worth


It is not unusual for a homeowner to want to know what is “my home worth?”

The reasons can be varied…. Planning on selling, refinancing, just curious, etc….

But whatever the reason you are seeking the value of your home, you want to know with a degree of ...

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